As a non-profit, City Collaborative relies on partners and sponsors to help make creative placemaking projects like ReSurfaced possible and accessible to the widest community. Our focus on experimenting and developing low-cost, high-impact initiatives to improve our city cost money, time and resources. We are so thankful for our sponsors and partners. If you or your organization is interested in supporting ReSurfaced, specific programming, experimental initiatives, or for more information about getting involved, contact our director, Patrick Piuma

Thanks to our Major Sponsors for making the space possible!


We are also very proud to announce the support of Brown-Forman and their latest bourbon addition “Coopers' Craft." Brown-Forman is a staple in this community. Their early support of ReSurfaced® helped make the site a reality and their new bar and retail spaces are a welcome addition to this space activation.



Forest Giant's commitment to the community shines in their double-decker container unit for this iteration of Resurfaced®. The container serves as a community workshop center and art gallery space, building on our goal to provide a place for collaboration, creativity and exploration.



Heine Brothers Coffee has been a Louisville main-stay since the early 1990's. Their pioneering coffee houses, commitment to the community, and support for entrepreneurialism makes them a great addition to ReSurfaced: The Liberty Build.