• ReSurfaced (map)
  • 319 South Shelby Street
  • Louisville, KY, 40202
  • United States

We're open 4-11PM, free, and all ages!

Join hosts Hal & Ben for another family-friendly bike-in! It's like a Drive-In but for bicycles! Enjoy an evening of local food, games, live music and a movie! Free Admission, all are welcome, rain or shine.

7-7:40PM - Live Music by Sasha Renee

Sasha Renee is a female rapper/singer and songwriter out of Louisville, KY. Under the management of Double A Entertainment, Sasha released two underground mixtapes. The first “A Proper Introduction” hosted by DJ Genius in 2011 and the most recent “Yearned Presence” mixtape also hosted by DJ Genius in Late 2012. In 2013 Sasha Renee was nominated for a KYMP KAMP award for #1 Female Hip-Hop Artist. In June 2014, Sasha signed to independent record label Soul to Soul Records, where she released her "Lost Love" single and was again nominated for a KYMP KAMP award. In 2015 Sasha launched her free weekly soul based open mic "The Vibe" at The Cure Lounge in Louisville. Shortly after she started her black culture based music blog The Melanin. Sasha Renee is now an independent artist who has a strong fan base in her hometown of Louisville, KY with a rapidly growing fan base online.

8-8:45PM - Live Music by Squeeze Bot

Before the electric guitar ruined rock and roll, accordions, banjos and tubas had their rightful place in music. Driven underground by their oppressors, the great accordion/banjo/tuba bands have kept largely quiet, playing late night, speakeasy style concerts in underground clubs deep in the country, far from the ever vigilant ears of oppressive electric guitarist.

And now in the year 2017, one such underground band would run no more, and have emerged from the underground with bold new stylings, not afraid to show how music should have been played all along.

9PM - Film by Louisville Film Society