• ReSurfaced (map)
  • 319 South Shelby Street
  • Louisville, KY, 40202
  • United States

We're open 4-11PM, free, and all ages!

Old Louisville Brewery

Old Louisville Brewery has been a journey in the making.  Starting in March 2013 the first concept was developed as Old Louisville Brewhouse.    Wade Mattingly, one of the owners, decided that finding good beer meant leaving his home base and traveling to other neighborhoods.  The idea was to bring a small craft beer bar to Old Louisville.  By August of that same year a tiny space was found at the corner of 6th and Oak.  By October the mission had started.  With little knowledge of TNZD (historical overlay map) and none in alcohol establishments, the realization of just how hard this journey would become first exposed itself.  He quickly learned that having a pub in the neighborhood was going to be a bigger challenge than he'd ever imagined.   

Wade determined if we were going to do this, we had to do it big.  With newfound resolve, and the work ethic developed as a youngster on a Central Kentucky farm, he enlisted the help of his brother Ken Mattingly to make a dream a reality.   Ken had been home brewing for 21 years at the time.  Wade asked Ken, "If I find us a space and build it out for a brewery, would you brew the beer?"  With a simple handshake the vision of the brewery took shape. 

What seemed like a simple plan became a tremendous undertaking.  It wasn't as simple as finding a space in Old Louisville to build a brewery.  Zoning did not allow a brewery in the neighborhood and the challenge to overturn the zoning was making the idea increasingly unrealistic.  However, on a chilly day in March, almost a year after the original concept sprang to life, Wade wandered by a property in disrepair.  It had potential.  He reached out to the only owner he could find.  In Virginia.  Via Facebook.  And waited...   Four months later a response was received and within a month a contract signed and on August 1 2014 work began on what is now Old Louisville Brewery. 

If you get a chance, ask about all the stories hidden within the construction of the Brewery.  The Mattingly boys built the entire space out by hand utilizing 85% recycled or repurposed materials.  It’s one of a kind and we hope you get the chance to make your own memories here like they have. 

9-11PM - DJ A L L I

DJ Ali specializes in live mash-ups and voice-over play from some of your favorite local musicians.