Through the ReSurfaced® initiative, we are exploring creative ways to pre-vitalize vacant and underutilized spaces by creating low-cost investments that activate the space NOW rather than wait for big, long-term developments to take shape. Rent our Phoenix Hill location for your private event or party. Some of our recent events include: music festivals, tasting parties, drum circles, art exhibits, jam sessions, soccer tournaments, CreativeMornings, bike-ins, fashion shows, ballet, dance parties, SlowFoods, vote-ins, fundraisers, puppet shows, and much more.



  • ¾ of an acre
  • string lighting
  • [10] tables
  • [20] benches
  • [2] charcoal grills

Forest Giant Gallery:

  • 1st floor in-door + air-conditioned
  • 2nd floor covered

Multi-Purpose Field:

  • 90 x 66 ft
  • artificial grass
  • safety netting 


  • [2] JBL Powered 15" Mains 
  • [2] JBL Powered 18" Subs
  • [4] JBL Passive 12" Monitors
  • [5] Shure SM58
  • [5] Shure SM57
  • Auxiliary Cables + Stands 


            Hour = $250.00

            Day [12 Hours] = $1,500.00

            Deposit = $100.00

            Cleaning Fee = $100.00

            Facility Fee = $100.00  

*1 hour for setup + 1 hour for takedown are included in all rentals         


  • deposits are required to reserve a date
  • your remaining balance is due fifteen [15] days before your event
  • renters are responsible for food, beverages, entertainment, etc unless they opt to hire us as facilitators  
  • the facility fee applies per ask if you need help organizing services and does not cover cost of service providers  
  • service providers have varying costs [ex: musicians, audio engineers, caterers, etc]
  • deposits are only returned if we are notified of cancellations forty-eight [48] hours prior to your date
  • we are regularly open every first and third weekend [Fridays/Saturdays] so those dates are unavailable
  • cash, major credit cards, and checks payable to Louisville Downtown Partnership are accepted


Louisville Downtown Partnership

ATTN ReSurfaced

556 S 4th Street

Louisville KY 40202


Please complete the event form below. We will be in contact soon to schedule a tour and answer any questions you have!

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