We see the city as a laboratory for experimentation, utilizing such tools as tactical urbanism to develop quick, light-risk prototypes to test ideas and assumptions before our community commits to more resource-intensive solutions. In this way the relatively smaller actions lead to longer-term solutions.

Our goal is to foster a new civicism (devotion to civic interests and causes) by collaborating with civic-minded organizations and citizens to transform spaces into vibrant places, engaging and building on local assets, catalyzing urban rehabilitation, and improving the sustainability, health and appeal of our community for everyone. Our projects and programs focus on creating a healthier environment, improving economic development, and provide educational opportunities for our community to grow together. 

City Collaborative applies human-centered design methods at the onset of projects to develop a solid foundation for problem solving that leads to innovative solutions, be it creative placemaking, community building programs, or policy change. This approach not only helps create a better understanding of the users and stakeholders but also dives deeper into identifying the underlying problems before trying to apply a solution.



The design of our built environment greatly affects the health and sustainability of our community and the people who live in our city. By developing solutions that begin with addressing how people interact with the urban environment at a human scale, we begin creating more healthy and equitable urban spaces.


Projects live beyond their physical space and build knowledge, skills and understanding that can be applied throughout our neighborhoods. Working with youth as well as professionals through workshops, outreach and engagement with the community, we can build the capacity needed to address city-wide issues.


Harnessing our local assets helps to drive economic development and build on what makes Louisville a unique place. By working with local entrepreneurs and businesses we can multiply the potential of our distinct places that contributes to a stronger city.