We're glad you are interested in the ReSurfaced Fun Market! Please review the guidelines before signing up and keep in mind that we are only accepting 15 vendors, first-come first-served. 

Saturday August 5th

Check-In / Setup 3:30PM

Market 4:00PM-6:00PM

Takedown 6:00-6:30PM


Parent/Sponsor Responsibilities

  • parents and/or adult sponsors must help students setup, manage, and takedown vendor booths
  • parents/vendors must be responsible for their own change and methods of payment
  • parents/vendors must give all customers a ticket for our supplies raffle

Child/Vendor Responsibilities... 

  • all vendors must be between ages 6 and 16
  • all vendors are responsible for their own pricing and signs 
  • all vendors are expected to invite friends and family to ReSurfaced on August 5th for our Fun Market! :)

ReSurfaced Responsibilities... 

      • ReSurfaced will be accepting any amount of donations from vendors to make a gift to Louisville Rescue Mission
      • ReSurfaced will provide one [1] 6ft. table and two [2] folding chairs 
      • ReSurfaced will not be providing change, tents, signs, table cloths, or other accessories for your vendor booth


      Student Name *
      Student Name
      Parent/Sponsor Mobile Number *
      Parent/Sponsor Mobile Number
      Please list all items that you plan to sell at our ReSurfaced Fun Market.

      If you have questions please contact Jecorey Arthur at 502-356-9212