A message from oSha Shireman:

On Friday, June 3rd, 2016, ReSurfaced held a West Louisville FoodPort Night to celebrate the progress of the FoodPort. Director of Strategic Partnerships, Charles Booker Jr. and Executive Committee of the Community Council member Ramona Lindsey MCed the event night. AMPED, a partner of the West Louisville FoodPort, had seven teenagers perform a variety of entertainment acts, including singing, playing guitar and rapping.

Seed Capital's Community Council wore green shirts with the West Louisville Foodport logo, and answered people's questions about the project. They also handed out brochures and sold T-Shirts at the Seed Capital table. Local artist Redd Biddix, who is also part of the Community Council and designed the FoodPort banner on Market St and 30th St, performed live art painting.

Throughout the evening, Seed Capital's interns Leanne-Sarah and Maryam walked around to inform, answer questions and receive feedback from the public about the FoodPort. One attendee said "I think what the West Louisville FoodPort is accomplishing is great. There is an absence of healthy foods in the area, and overcoming it is essential for the well-being of our community." The interns also signed people up for an hourly T-shirt draw. To enter, attendees had to either take a picture with the West Louisville Instagram banner and follow the FoodPort on social media, or sign up to the FoodPort mailing list.

Seed Capital is thankful to City Collaborative for hosting a WestLou FoodPort Night at ReSurfaced and celebrating the West Louisville FoodPort's progress. We are excited to see phase two of ReSurfaced: The Liberty Build this fall! 

oSha Shireman
Communications and Development Specialist
Seed Capital Kentucky