Falls City Lighting has been involved in transforming ReSurfaced spaces into unique places since our first activation on Main Street in Louisville in 2014 when they were called Roof Axis Lighting Production. Chad and his crew by chanced stopped by while we were working on that space and asked if they could try some lighting ideas out on the historic facades. What they came up with made the facade an icon and one of the most photographed viewpoints for the activation, and have created memorable environments in light with us since.

For the prototype activation of ReSurfaced: The Liberty Build we asked Chad to help us test ideas of creative placemaking with the series of containers that create the temporary space. The idea is that these containers will be modded out in future builds of the site, but we needed to figure out how to use light and minimal infrastructure to make the space visually appealing. Falls City Lighting came through for us and we look forward to working with them on the Fall activation.

We like to work with other civic minded people and organizations in the community and it is always great to hear that people we work with on these civic projects get recognition and other work from helping us activate spaces.

"I wanted to get involved with the ReSurfaced project because I love the idea behind it. Collaborating with other artists to transform unused spaces into active social plazas really intrigued me. Since the first ReSurfaced we have always been looking forward to the next, trying new concept and lighting different areas. These events have proven to be great for networking and presenting what our company does to the public. We are currently looking to utilize a lot of connections we have made through ReSurfaced to grow our local event lighting and installation company." - Chad Hartsfield, Falls City Lighting

The best part about working on ReSurfaced projects is the opportunity it affords us to meet other creative and civic-minded people doing great things in Louisville. Each iteration of the program expands our network of collaborators. We look forward to building on our relationships with people like Chad and welcome the new people, ideas, and talent that will make the next ReSurfaced build a success!