The next ReSurfaced is just around the corner, opening on Thursday, October 15th at 5 pm at the new location in the parking lot at 10th Street and the Ohio River. The space neighbors Connect/Disconnet, the city’s first public art installation along the River Walk. Though ReSurfaced: Three Days at 10th Street is only three short days ending on Saturday October 17th at 11 pm, we have packed those days with great local beer, music, art, food and community. 

City Collaborative created the ReSurfaced program to develop ways to creatively activate underutilized surface lots and urban spaces that fragment our city. “Our aim through ReSurfaced and other community collaborative initiatives is to develop short-term tools and implementation strategies to bring these spaces back into service and provide a roadmap for others to rethink about how we utilize the space in our city and affect change in their own neighborhoods,” said Patrick Piuma, Director of the Urban Design Studio at the University of Louisville, and co-founder of City Collaborative. 

City Collaborative has partnered with local restaurateur, Against The Grain, who will be this ReSurfaced event’s operator serving up not only their amazing craft beer, but also products from neighborhood establishments such as Old 502 and Kentucky Peerless Distillery. Local food trucks will also be on hand to provide a variety of offerings. “As we continue the ReSurfaced initiative and move to new locations, we remain committed to staying local with food, music, art, and beverages,” emphasized Rebecca Matheny, Executive Director of the Louisville Downtown Partnership (LDP) and a member of City Collaborative.

ReSurfaced: Three Days at 10th Street is being curated by City Collaborative and our amazing advisory board member Jecorey “1200” Arthur who offered, “The programming is all about abnormality. Programming in the past revolved around live music, but the new location will focus on unfamiliar components of art.” 

The carnival on Thursday will feature visual art in a nontraditional way with video projections, interactive spoken work, sculptures, overhead projections, caricatures, and more. Like the carnival, the fashion show on Friday will be very unique. Instead of high-end couture, the fashion show will feature streetwear, created by independent Louisville designers. On Saturday, SlowFood Bluegrass is back with another SlowFood Fried Chicken Throwdown showcasing a great lineup of local restaurants. That night will close out the three-day event with a costume dance party. Each evening will feature a different deejay to supply soundtracks for what can be considered as urban galleries. 

“The great divide between the east and west ends of town inspired this program,” Arthur said, "By showing collaborations between groups that typically do not work together, ReSurfaced is advocating unity in Louisville. The location of the event also embodies the belief that Louisville can be whole instead of two halves.” 

As we prepare to build out the site this week, experimenting with the use of shipping containers to help define an otherwise formless space, we will be working with volunteers and other partners to make the event happen. “Each time we bring the idea of ReSurfaced out to the community, support and interest in collaborating is overwhelming, in a good way. It's a real testament to the people of Louisville and their interest in finding unique ways to reconsider underutilized properties throughout the city and come together to make those spaces something special,” said Jessica Kessinger, Business Manager of Magbooth and member of City Collaborative. 

ReSurfaced is free and open to the public. It will be open on Thursday from 5 pm – 10 pm, Friday from 5 pm – 11 pm, and Saturday from noon – 11 pm. For more information about programming, visit