At City Collaborative, we have been inspired by the outpouring of support from the community for ReSurfaced. Every week, we gain new sponsors willing to donate their time, talents, and materials to make ReSurfaced a reality. And no one has done more than the BlueSky Network.

The BlueSky Network uniquely combines venture capitalism with philanthropy, always taking time to give back to our Kentuckiana communities. Through grants to companies, projects, and organizations, they focus their philanthropy on ideas that put community first and make ‘real, sustainable, and positive change’ in our region. And, we are grateful that they’ve embraced the vision behind ReSurfaced, and the hope that this will become a recurring event.

As stated by the BlueSky Network:

“The project is much more than just a social affair: we’re excited to bring cultural and educational experiences to parts of the city that are simply sitting dormant. Buildings take time to build, but the cultural leaders in this city are here now with plenty to share. We wanted to support ReSurfaced to create a venue for such thought leadership to take hold regardless of bricks and mortar.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.